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P1010714A long-felt want of the catholic community of Herforst, came to fulfillment in 2007: The new Parish hall was officially consigned to its purpose.


Almost 10 years ago, the church committees finalized their decision to restore the old parish hall building, which was previously expanded in 1964. But, several obstacles had to be taken and barriers had to be broken down to make it possible. After the successful completion of the application process and the approval of  the diocese, the "old parish hall and youth center" was supposed to be completely restored.

During the planning process it was determined that due to the many standards and necessities, i. e. handicapped accessible builtout, preferably without stairs, taking into account the sound-immissions during functions, etc, a satisfying result with the present economical aspects could no longer be implemented

Once the construction and finance department of the diocese Trier, also classified the restoration of this magnitude as not possible under the current economical aspects, these committees signalized, however, that they would financially support a new construction, if we would adhere to certain prerequisites.


Now, we had to find a suitable location, that the promised grants could be used and the planning for a new construction could be started. Initially, it was suggested to built on the property of the catholic church community next to the parish hall.
However, this plan fell through due to the planning and building laws and the difficult infrastructure.
Eventually, the responsible committees of the authorities and church community (Administration/Verbandsgemeinde Werke/Community Council, Board of directors) decided in more prospective rationality for the current location in the Eligiusstraße "Am Maisbachplatz".



In a building lot exchange between the authorities and the church community an "exchange agreement" was achieved, which paved the way to the new parish hall, especially in the interest of our village community. As previously with the feasibility study of the old parish hall, architect Lutz Wegener from Schweich was in charge with the planning of the new parish hall. With inclusion of the necessities due to the property outlines, regards to the building and construction laws of the state, the prerequisites of the diocese and the financial necessities, a planning and implementation process was created, in accordance with all standards.


On a common area of approx. 200 m", all rooms are located on one level. A large meeting and festival hall with a connected terrace, a separate room for the youth groups, a modern-designed kitchen and handicapped-accessible bathrooms. One tried to built a functional parish hall for the young and the old citizens.



Self-evidently, there is a handicapped-accessible toilet in the parish hall. A ramp at the front-face of the building grants unobstructed access for visitors.



In the rear of the building, a designated room for youth groups provides opportunities for common events and meetings in groups.


There is also a modern-designed kitchen. The volunteers organizing the senior citizen meetings, will probably appreciate the new kitchen, when they serve their guests, since its use provides easier conditions for festivities and food-catering.


Our special appreciation extends to the diocese. There, we had, especially within the construction department, with Mr. Freytag and Ms. Marx, very competent and dedicated advisers. Not least, our gratitude extends also to the financial department, which only made the construction possible by their substantial support. From the  beginning to the end the Rendantur Bitburg was a connecting piece and reliable partner and precursor. 

With thankworthy assistance of the village community and municipality and the administrative allocation of the district administration Bitburg, an additional funding from the village renewal program could be included. 

With this said, the construction could start after guaranteed financing and building permission was obtained in 2005. Especially gratifying, for the responsible people of this project, was the fact that the planned construction was conducted by local companies. All participants never lost their commitment or ideas, to lead this project to a successful and harmonic conclusion. Without the many silent helpers and supporters, this house could not have been built. Therefore, we are especially grateful for all the participants, who contributed in any way to the successful outcome of this measure. 


On a weekend in September 2007 the new parish hall was inaugurated and consigned to its purpose, which represents at the same time, another module in the overall project "renewal of the old village center around the Maisbachplatz".



We are convinced that our new parish hall will meet all needs of our parish community.

We want to express our gratitude to:


Your board of directors of the catholic Pfarrgemeinde St. Eligius Herforst:

Pastor Leo Koch

Walter Oster

Joachim Juchmes

Norbert Schmitz

Adalbert Meier