The Residential Community


Where the districts of Bitburg-Prüm, Bernkastel-Wittlich and Trier-Saarburg join lies the village of Herforst, a community with the charm to feel at home, a community with a special cultural diversity, where tradition and hospitality are at home.

A popular residential community

Currently, there are about 1254 (12/31/2017) inhabitants, which turned Herforst into a popular residential community, with good access to the road network and initial successes in the commercial settlement. Our village has grown by 450 inhabitants and 130 houses since 1980. This number of our population is actually incomplete, because there are about 250 fellow Americans living with us in good fellowship.

Herforst is surrounded by hiking and cycling trails, and woodland areas for relaxing leisure and recreational activities.

There is also a direct connection to the Speicher Nordic-Walking-Course and delightful woodland paths which lead to the premium-hiking-trail “Eifelsteig”.

Get out and enjoy yourself, when Herforst is celebrating!

  • Carnival parade every second year (next 2016, 2018,...!)
  • 3 theater performances during Lent
  • Pilgrimage to the 14 Holy Helpers on the second weekend after Easter
  • “The Eifel celebrates "Heerbischda Festival”", a tent festival on the last weekend of July
  • Music and choral concerts at different seasons
  • Sports Day, Kindergarten festival, Fountain festival

  • 16th-19th September 2011: Review: Anniversary celebration "750 years Herforst"