Welcome Package

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Dear Newcomer/s,

The Herforst Community, represented by Mayor Werner Pick, is delighted to welcome you and your family in our small, but very attractive village. If you live here permanentlyor just temporarily, it is very nice that you are a part of our community, now.

Make contacts and friends in your new neighborhood and partake in the various offers of our community, associations, clubs and groups. Herforst offers something for everyone and depending on your personal preferences and interests,  you will find the right place for yourself and your family. We particularly welcome your active support or work within the village community.

We want you to be comfortable here and for an easy start in Your new community, we will provide you with some useful information.

Should you have any additional questions, please contact one of the POCs at the provided phone number or address.

Welcome in Herforst!

Werner Pick


Public / Church Services


Homepage Herforst, English and German version:                                                                 
Automatic newsletter is available after registration.


Facebook:  Please join our closed FB-Group “Herforst”


Internet Availability: VDSL with speeds up to 50 Mbit, depending on the distance of your residence to the distribution box in Lindenstraße


Mayor:  Werner Pick, Tannenstr.20, Phone 1644, E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Day Care: POC is Karin Diederichs, Römerstr.35, Phone 3515


Catholic Church Community:                                                                                                     

Pastor:  Kirchstr. 10, Speicher,  Phone 930930                                                                                     
John Thadews Berchamans MSFS, Father und Cooperator, Wittlicher Str. 10, Binsfeld,                    
Phone 06575 95795                                                                                                                                      


Protestant Church Community: Pastor Guido Kohlenberg, Wiedenhofen 2, Speicher, Phone 2727


City Offices of the Municipality Speicher / Registry Office

Bahnhofstr.36, Speicher, Phone 64-0



District Administration Bitburg-Prüm:                                                                                                               

Trierer Str.1, Bitburg, Phone 06561 15-0                                                                                    


Our Associations, Clubs and Groups:

Amateur Theater Group:  Andreas Oster, Margaritenstr. 33, Phone 93 26 83


Church Choir:  Margret Meier, Rosenstr.17, Phone 21 83


Children Dance Group :  Pia Pallien, Waldstr. 30, Phone 88 91


Fishing: Matthias Schmitt, Römerstr. 7, Phone 1328


German Heritage, Cultural  and Traditions Association: Norbert Schmitz, Johannisstr. 4, Phone 83 00


Catholic Workers Movement:  Lydia and Bruno Meiers, Grünstr. 24, Phone 14 32


Music Club / Marching Band: Volker Legrand, Rosenstr.10, Phone  97 49 96


Sports Club (Soccer, Ping-Pong) : Winfried Streit, Tannenstr. 20, Phone 85 98


Volunteer Firefighters: Wolfgang Ewertz, Erlenweg 3, Phone 1866


Good to know:


Address format in Germany:


First name, last name

Street name and house no.

54662 Herforst


Bank / ATM: Lindenstraße, Herforst and Kirchstraße, Speicher


Car detailling and repair service: Dieter Antony, Lindenstraße/Gas Station, Herforst, Phone 93 03 04

Others in surrounding communities.


Catholic Parish Hall: Eligiusstraße/Maisbachplatz. Is Available for rent for private festivities.

POC: Adalbert Meier, Rosenstr. 17, Phone 21 83


Dog Obedience Training: Lucky Dogs, Speicher, next  to Soccerfield, Phone 0176-20531301 or 93 95 65,, also on FB


German Mailbox:  St.-Eligiusstraße close to the Catholic Parish Hall / Bus stop


Horse Riding for Kids: Reitschule Sonnenhof, Spangdahlem,



Marienhaus Klinikum Eifel, Krankenhausstr.1,  Bitburg, Phone 06561 64-0 

St-Elisabeth Krankenhaus, Koblenzer Str.91, Wittlich, Phone 06571 15-0

Marienkrankenhaus Trier-Ehrang, August-Antz-Str. 22, Phone 0651 683-0

several general und specialized hospitals in Trier


Pharmacy:  Binsfeld, Bahnhofstraße and Speicher, Kirchstraße


Phone prefix Herforst, international calls: 0049 6562 + your phone number

Phone prefix Herforst within Germany: 06562 + your phone number


Physican, Doctor,  Medical Practicioners:  Binsfeld (General Practicioner, Dentist)

Speicher ( General Practicioner, Eye Specialist (Ophtalmologist), Gynecologist, Dentist)


Post Office:  Am Markt, Speicher


Public Playgrounds:

Grünstraße, Access also through Buchenweg, Ringstraße

At the Kindergarten / Day Care Facility (Utilization only for toddlers outside regular hours of  the Day Care Facility)


Public Transport, other:

Regular buses within the RMV and Fa. Wallscheid direction Bitburg, Trier and Wittlich. Bus stops are located at: St.-Eligius-Straße, Römerstraße / Corner Wenzelhausener Weg (only Fa. Wallscheid)


Mitfahrerbank – „Spontaneous Car-Pooling”: (Look out for the turquois bench):

Lindenstraße, close to the traffic light


Reccurring events:

Herbischda Festival, yearly on the last weekend in July at the Dreschplatz along the L46

14-Holy-Helper-Festival, 2nd weekend following Easter holidays


Restaurants / Pubs in Herforst:

King’s Diner, Corner Lindenstraße / L 46, next to traffic lights

Gaststätte Antony, Gas Station  Lindenstraße

Gaststätte „Märchengrotte“, Poststraße

Other Restaurants, some offering delivery services, are located in many other communities surrounding Herforst.


Shopping in Herforst:

Kenner Bäckerei - Bakery, Römerstraße, Herforst

Various mobile Bakery Trucks or other Shops on Wheels

More comprehensive shopping opportunities in Speicher, Bitburg, Wittlich and Trier



Both the sports field and the clubhouse are under sponsorship of the Sports Club DJK Herforst. Utilization of the sports field (no dogs!) is also allowed for private individuals. It is accessible through Wenzelhausener Weg or Tannenstraße.


Veterinarian: Dres. Müller and Rohmer,  corner Merscheider Weg 1/Kapellenstraße, Speicher, Phone 93 00 82


Village Hall: The Village Hall is located in Schulstraße. It is a center for regular events and activities organized by the community or local associations, clubs and groups. The village hall can also be rented for a fee for private festivities. POC is the Mayor.


Walking- and Hiking - Trails: A Nordic Walking Trail is accessible when crossing L 46 at the village access “Roman Wall” – please look for the signs “Nordic Walking Trail”.

Several trails (no signs) in  the beautiful Herforst and Speicher forests are available and safe for walking, hiking and cycling.


Waste Disposal Management - Guide:

Et Bletchen, official newsletter of the Speicher Municipality with surrounding communities, distributed weekly to your home or available at:

Collection-bins for glass(color-coded), old clothes, textiles and shoes:  Schulstraße next to the Gemeindehaus (village hall)


Green Waste / Garden Clippings: Official Yard Waste Collection Center, Am Sportplatz, Speicher. Please see “Et Bletchen“ – newsletter for open hours and more details.