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The Herforst Community Theater Group - a project revived in 1991.

Our mayor, Werner Pick motivated a group of interested amateurs to meet and the smorgasbord decided to revive Herforst's Theater tradition.

Of course, no one of our group had any idea what it means to perform in Drama Theater and where to start such a project. Luckily, we found a great teacher with Ms. Margret Meier. She took the lead of our group and taught us the basics of play-acting, with a lot of patience on her part.


After we performed in several small play-acts, we planned the premiere of our first large theater project "The bachelor's wedding" in Spring 1992, a drama from
Charles Gérard.
All 13 acting amateurs supplied best entertainment. The stage decoration, which was hand-crafted with very small detail, also won over the audience - everything was so well received, we knew the Drama Theater would have a future in the Herforst Gemeindehaus.

In the following years, the Herforst Community Theater showed the following acts:

  • 1992 Die Junggesellenhochzeit (The bachelor's wedding)
  • 1993 Drei tolle Väter (Three wonderful daddys)
  • 1994 Thommy's tolle Tanten (Thommy's awesome aunties)
  • 1995 Um Haus und Hof (Around the house and garden)
  • 1996 Ab heute sind wir pleite (Starting today, we are dead broke)
  • 1997 Ein Krimi für das Schlossgespenst (A mystery novel for the castle ghost)
  • 1998 Hannes ist der Beste (Hannes is the best)
  • 1999 Ramba Zamba am Lido Makkaroni (Ramba Zamba at the Lido Makkaroni)
  • 2000 Der Pantoffelheld (The henpecked husband)

In 2000 the Herforster Gemeindehaus had to be renovated and a new hall for future events had to be created. The renovation meant a temporary recess for the Theater group. Additionally, Ms. Meier had to resign as our group lead.

We knew, we had to regroup, so we reorganized our Theater group and formed a registered association.

On 15 August 2002, members of the former theater group met with a few newcomers and formed the association “Theatergruppe Herforst e.V.“ A board of directors was elected and in the first year of the association, all necessary structures and basics for the Drama acting had to be created. A new stage had to be built and new stage lighting and backdrops had to be designed. Eventually, a new procenium arch and curtain had to be purchased.

In 2004, the new Herforst Theater hall with it's new stage was inaugurated. The Drama "Someone cheered too soon" was presented to an excited audience at the evening of the inauguration.

To date the "Theatergruppe Herforst e.V." put the following acts on stage:

  • 2005 Das Geld ist im Eimer (Bang goes the money)
  • 2006 Die unglaubliche Geschichte vom gestohlenen Stinkerkäs (The incredible story of the stolen "Stinkerkäs')
  • 2007 Oh Gott, die Familie (Oh no! The Family)
  • 2008 Die Hochzeitsverhinderer (The Weddinghinderer)
  • 2009 Die Lügenglocke (A lie, a bell strike - or "the lie bell")
  • 2010 Der Papst von Herforst (Herforst's Pope)
  • 2011 Der letzte Wille des Hain Blassheimer (The last will of Hain Blassheimer)
  • 2012 Baby wider Willen (Baby against ones will)
  • 2013 Hexenschuss, oder der Bandscheiben-Vorfall (ab 16.3.2013) (Lumbago or the disk prolapse) (started 16 March 2013)
  • 2015 Suche Mann für meine bessere Hälfte oder Prassel auf dem Prosselhof (Looking for a man for my better half, or crackels at Prosselhof)
  • 2016 Alles was das Herz begehrt oder Haushalt für Alle (Everything the heart could wish for or household for everybody)
  • 2017 Wer schön sein will muss leiden (No pain, no gain orDirty Rotten Scoundrels)
  • 2018 Der Grillclub mit dem roten Auto
  • 2019 Kreuzfahrt im Schweinestall

Check out our Photo gallery of previous drama performances.

This year, we present the following plays on stage:


Kreuzfahrt im Schweinestall


Premiere:                        April 6th, 2019

2nd performance:            April 12th, 2019

3rd performance:            April 13th, 2019


Each play begins at 8:00 pm.


Advance ticket sales start on Saturday, March 4th, 2017 at 9:00 am.


For ticket reservations contact Artur Meiers at 06562-1264 or Andreas Oster at 06562-932683.


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Our board of directors:

Andreas Oster (1st Chairman), contact by email: theatergruppe(at)
Bruno Knödgen (2nd Chairman)
Ingolf Kugel (Assessor)
Anna Jungels (Treasurer)
Marianne Kugel (Secretary)