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A warm welcome to our sports fans and members!

Establishment of the DJK Herforst 1967 e. V.

At the beginning of the 60's the, at the time called, Sportverein Herforst ("old HSV") ceased it's activities for seniors and for several years only youth activities were pursued with the lead of the school.


Unforgettable are the outstanding achievements of the B-youth-group of that time, who already formed a soccer"league" with the boys from Beilingen. With the lead of the former school director Peter Borscheid (Herforst school) and Elmar Metzen (Beilingen school) the boys reached the final game of the regional championships against the B-youth-team from Trier, who was allegedly unbeatable. The sweeping soccer game took place in Leiwen and the unfortunate Herforst team lost with 0:1. 

For this reason, a bus for the many fans was chartered, probably for the first time in the history of a small village's sports association. Besides this team, another D-youth-team participated in the official plays.

Not until the initiative of several soccer enthusiasts, like the teacher Theo Faber, initial efforts for the foundation of a new sports(-soccer-)association were made. However, the "efforts" to form a new club, were not that easy at the time, because other "mundanely" decision makers wanted to "have a say" in such an endeavor.

After the first foundation of the new formation of a sports association in Herforst was laid out, the DJK Herforst was founded on 26 February 1967 in the youth parish hall. It was decided that the new club's colors should be yellow/black, the same traditional colors of the former "HSV". The membership in the DJK- organization was a reasonable compromise, that the new club could receive approval of the "ecclesial" decision makers

The board of directors „of the first hour“
consisted of the following comrades:

1st Chairman

Norbert Schmitz

2nd Chairman

Matthias Molitor


Helmut Pitsch

Youth group lead

Theo Faber


Klaus Hirschfeld

Ecclesiastic counselor/Praeses

Reverend Krämer

Fussballverein Grndungsmannschaft










With a first soccer team, consisting of a majority of players of the above-mentioned successful B-youth and a C-youth team, the official league operations commenced in the season of 1967/1968. 

The first referees of the new club were the comrades Klaus Mühlen and Willi Meyer.

The reconstruction of the soccer field was naturally completed with personal contributions and the support of several companies, who provided "heavy machinery". Many loads of sand from "der Hischt" had to be cart to the area, to transform the existing field into a usable soccer field. This work could be completed within a very brief time, due to a lot of dedication. In the Summer of 1967 the youth tournament of the DJK- diocese organization already took place in Herforst.