Programs for Senior Citizens

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The number of elderly people, and as a result, those with old age problems requiring help and assistance, will increase during the next years. 





When in the year 2017 the longterm and very active helpers team around Lydia Meiers "retired", it was a group of women's matter close to the heart to continue with the monthly meetings. 


Under the leadership of Rosi Nieder a new team took over. Since then the monthly meetings at Pater-Schneider-Haus for all seniors continued, offering coffee and cake, conversations and entertainment.


By now the usual monthly meetings filled with singing and lectures or readings have been upgraded by serving Potatosoup with fresh waffles, a fashing fun afternoon, a police officer's safety presentation for seniors, an early summer 

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luncheon with asperagus and tarte  flambé in automn as well as special guests' entertainment. In December advent festivities in combination with a 3-course-menu and an advent program were organized.



All seniors and retirees are invited to the monthly meetings every second Wednesday of a month. The helpers team is especially looking forward to also welcome the "young seniors", taking a chance for a chat with kindred spirits, sitting together, enjoying some good (and very low-priced) food.

In times of spending many hours watching TV, using computers and cellphones, conversations happening in supermarkets rather than the neighborhood, personal contacts are essential for a well working community. Spending one afternoon per month with us could be a good alternative.

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 "A warm welcome" from the Helpers Team