Herforst's History

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Dear Herforster,
dear friends of the Heritage, Culture and Traditions Association

in 2011 we celebrated the first documented reference of our village 750 years ago. We found it reason enough to look back at the past centuries.

The Heritage, Culture and Traditions Association, named „Heerbischda Beschkläpa e.V.“ made it its mission to review Herforst's past and to consolidate it in a book. For its completion, we need your help.

We want to create a book, calledEtt Boach von Heerbischd”, with the help of preferably many Herforst residents, who can tell us stories about our village in great detail.

3 Steine     Past and Early History of Roman times

Haken und Nagel

    Looking at the Roman wall "Langmauer" or the pottery -
    Herforst's cultural roots go way back more than 750 years.






Church and Parish


The church is visible from far away and represents not only our geographic village center.

Pilgrimage to the 14 Holy Helpers and the Corpus Christi procession are benchmarks in our village's calendar




















Associations and Clubs characterize village life by any account:

Whether in sports competitions, in concerts or in hairy situations.











During World War-Times

Both world wars left deep scars in our village. Many people died in both wars.

Can you remember, when the Americans marched in?

Post-war years

The war was over and life went on. The construction of Spangdahlem Air Base began and the economic miracle brought relief.

But, do you remember, when the Air Base replaced Kammerforst?









Trades, Craftmanships and Farming

Pottery industry, farming, forestry and various craft professions characterized the village for a long time. Gradually, Herforst developed into a residential community.

Can you remember the work conditions in the stone and clay pits?





Many customs ans anecdotes were verbally handed down and vanish more and more from our memories.






It's not possible to imagine our village without the schools. Everyone of us remembers the time, he or she went to school.

Can't you remember a prank?
And, do you remember having classes in different school buildings?














Chronik Herforst







Several groups worked on the retrieval of our history and we found it easiest to create groups in accordance with their task:

    • Pre- and Early History and Roman Times
    • Church and Parish History
    • Clubs and Associations
    • School and Preschool
    • Trade, Craftsmanship and Farming
    • World War Times
    • Post war area, Spangdahlem Air Base and Kammerforst
    • Anecdotes
    • Farming and the woman's role in a rural village