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 Heritage, Culture and Traditions Association
“Heerbischda Beschkläpa e. V".


Over 2000 years of Herforst's History within your graspBigRoemer-Ausschnitt


We engage in over 2000 years of Herforst's History, Traditions, Customs, and Culture but regardless live in the present.

"Ald erum en neien Varein" (Again! A new club) - is probably, what people thought, when they either heard of or read about the new Heritage, Culture and Traditions Association in Herforst.

"Honn mir nett ald Vareiner genooch" (Don't we already have enough clubs), was perhaps their second thought.

"Ass daaht daan noch niddig gewäs" (Was that really necessary) was likely their reasoning.


Our Answer:

No ifs and buts, this club was and is needed, if not by now behind time. With its aim to grasp, preserve and salvage the almost forgotten, lost or irretrievable.


This is how the club presented itself in the first edition of the local history magazine in 1999. Since the foundation of the club on May 29, 1998, the number of initially 30 members increased to over 120, among them numerous former "Herforsters", who now live all over the world.

An overview of our former activities:

  • Design and redaction of our local history magazine „De Beschkläpa“ Edition 1 to 14
  • Construction of the Lourdesgrotte at our church
  • Excavation at the Roman wall "Langmauer" and its reconstruction
  • Redaction of the book „Auf den Spuren der Langmauer“ (Vestiges of the Roman wall)- The Eastern part
  • Organisation und realization of the Roman festivities at the Roman wall
  • Tramping and excursions to culture-historic scenes and exhibitions in the scope of our series  „Mier Läeren eas Heemischt käenen“
  • Numerous activities for the preservation of our vernicular, the "heimische Platt"
  • Collection of archive documents, historic photos, and other documents for the publication of the comprehensive chronic of our village „Daht Boach von Heerbischd“
  • Cooperation with the local history work group of the Speicher municipality.

Our publications in the press and in the community bulletin "Et Bletchen" are available in the archive of this webpage. 

Pictures of our activities can be found in the photo gallery.