This is how it started ...

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According to chronological documentation, a fire in Simon Samuel's estate in July 1889, gave reason to establish a firefighter force in Herforst.

Just one year later the strength of the weir was 50 men. The first chief was Josef Wallenborn. The activities of the weir were stopped by the 1st World War. Many active members were drafted into military service. In 1921 the firefighter force was revitalized under fire chief Nikolaus Plein. Under his command the weir was equipped with uniforms. (See image on right).

Until the end of World War II, Nikolaus Plain led the weir. He later resigned from office due to old age. In the time of war, most men were drafted into military service. The firefighters had to fall back on old men and young boys. After an enemy bombing attack,14 firefighters from Herforst supported the Speicher Community recovering the injured and dead, in August 1944. 

The Second World War had again torn large gaps in the ranks of the firefighters. After the war, many young men stood available for a complete new beginning of the firefighter force. The new appointed Fire Chief Philipp Pick was actively engaged in training and rebuilding the weir. The existing suction and pressure pump was replaced by a modern TS 6, uniforms and missing hose materials were purchased.

In 1954, Fire Chief Hubert Konrath took command. Under his leadership, the weir continued to expand and was trained in accordance with modern aspects. The weir participated in fire brigade competitions, which were conducted at district and office level since 1960. During the competitions they proofed idealism and comradely spirit.      

As a result the firefighter force won several victories on both levels.

The weir got their first fire truck in 1963. In 1988, the fire truck was replaced by a newer one, which is still utilized today.

1972, Adolf Antony took over leadership of Herforst's volunteer firefighters. Under his leadership, a new firehouse was built in Lindenstraße, in the years 1981 and 1982. The fire house was solely completed by the firefighter force and consecrated and with it committed to its purpose on May 1, 1982.
In fall 1989, after the celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the Herforst firefighter force, fire chief Adolf Antony resigned from active service due to his age. In a ceremony at the clubhouse, the merits of the outgoing leader were honored, and he was made an honorary fire chief. 

His successor was Reinold Antony, who exercised the office of the weir leader until 31 December 2014. One year later, Wolfgang Ewertz was elected deputy fire chief and he exercised this duty until 4 July 2016. In June 2016 Wolfgang Ewertz was elected weir leader and Sascha Ewertz was voted his deputy. Both were officially appointed on 4 July 2016.

Every third year, the volunteer fire brigade organizes the Heerbischda Festival. In this context, other fire brigades of the Municipality of Speicher already celebrated the Associations Firefighter Events, several times.

A special highlight of the Heerbischda festival was certainly the initial celebration of the District Fire Brigade Event in 2001, which as a result, takes place every 5 years.

In 1993, the junior fire department was founded for the preservation of Herforst's fire brigade. First Youth Officer was Micheal Diederichs, he was later replaced by his deputy Gerd Kasel, which also turned office to his deputy Markus Röhle. In 2003, deputy fire chief Wolfgang Ewertz also assumed duties as youth warden.

Of particular note is the existing friendship to Fire Company 5 Merklinde of the fire department Castrop Rauxel of more than 30 years. The remarkable thing is that the friendship survived generation and weir leader changes wiithout harm. A fire fighter festival in Herforst, without the marching band Merklinde and the tattoo they play together with the Music Club (MV) Herforst is no longer imaginable.