Clubs and Societies in Herforst

Carriers of our cultural activities



Our large variety of clubs and societies build the foundation of our sports, cultural and social activities in Herforst and provide each interested resident with the opportunity to get involved in an active and diversified life in the solidarity of our community.



Our large variety of clubs and societies build the foundation of our sports, cultural and social activities in Herforst and provide each interested resident with the opportunity to get involved in an active and diversified life in the solidarity of our community. Strong and lively clubs are made of people, who contribute their skills and talent. Young and old, men, women and children, newcomers or the old-established, alike. Many Herforst residents are already active in those clubs and societies and warmly welcome every new member.


A very important part of the many groups is the work with children and the adolescents.


Our children and teenagers benefit greatly from the offers of the Associations. Social contacts, team spirit and motivation, early conflict management training and to take on responsibility, are things defining the adolescents. They learn to cope with success, but also with failure and the better ones support and motivate those, who have more trouble. 

ZeltAn excellent example of working voluntary involvement is the yearly Heerbischda festival at the last weekend of July. The festival is organized in turns by the music club, the sports club and the volunteer firefighters.

The festival is not only Herforst’s flaghip, but after the “Bitburg Folklore Festival” and the “Wittlich Säubrenner Kirmes” the biggest festival of the region. An exceptional accomplishment for a village of this magnitude. The extensive work load at the days of the festivities can only be accomplished with the help of more than 200 volunteers.


Many preparations have to be done in the months ahead of the festival. You can almost speak of naturalness, when you describe how the board members and the “loyal helpers of the clubs” sacrifice one week of their annual leave to help with setup and take-down of the festival tent and all the other necessary work.

P1010477 23 08 2015An additional project, which couldn’t have been realized without the personal involvement of the large number of volunteers, was the construction of new sports club building of the DJK Herforst.


For more than one year, week for week, many voluntary helpers contributed. In addition sports operations for the soccer and ping-pong teams with together 12 teams, were organized by the sports community in self-responsibility.

Such a comprehensive task can only be done, because of dedicated people, taking on responsibility in voluntary and gratuitous work as trainer, youth instructor, referee, board member or as “ping-pong-mom” or “soccer-dad”, which drive the kids from and to games away from home.

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A special manifestation of solidarity is playing music together in the Herforst Music Club.

Music lets people forget everyday worries and forms a special bond between musicians and audience. This was probably motivation for the few men, who decided, about 75 years ago, to form a music club in Herforst.

No one knew, back in the day, that their endeavor would be a pillar of social and cultural life with such a long tradition in Herforst.

Music creates a special carrying bond between generations, hardly presentable at any other club in Herforst.  It is very nice to see that many young people not only shape the music, but also contribute to it with their new musical aspects.


Linked with music is also the Herforst Church Choir. The church choir not only creates a festive atmosphere during church services with their choral singing, but has almost become „naturalness” in the many activities and jubilee’s of the community members. Although singing is a part of our life, the church choir lacks junior members. Therefore, it remains a challenge to ensure the choirs future.


There are several other clubs and societies in Herforst:


There is the Chapter of the Catholic Workers Movement (KAB), who feels connected to the catholic social teaching with particular focus on families in their large variety of services. Additionally, education and many interesting lectures became part of their many offers. Exemplary is also the work with and for senior citizens, which is organized by the women’s group of the KAB and is available for all senior citizens of Herforst.

Soldat kleinThere is the Heritage, Cultural and Traditions Association, who fosters historic consciousness and takes responsibility for our local historic treasures and concluded a comprehensive project with their book of Herforst’s history. Another one of the clubs tasks is the preservation of customs and traditions under aspect of modern times.

Theater kleinThe motive of Herforst’s Drama Theater Group, is the common interest and joy in play-acting, in design and common artistic performances. Especially play-acting brings together people of different age and interests and excels with creative and innovative rudiments.




The volunteer firefighters have an exceptional position among the clubs and societies, because fire prevention and rescue are a special commission of our community. 

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Every club activity is important, but fire prevention is vital and the personal dedication of the members of

 our firefighter force exceeds “core functions”. An important part of the firefighters is the team of the junior firefighters, training children and adolescents in theory and practice of firefighter work.

Our gratitude extends to the residents of our community, who contribute to our community with their voluntary work by caring for others or family members over an often extended period of time.

All of the before-mentioned accomplishments would be impossible without the extensive volunteer work and without it, humanity and solidarity would be lost.

Therefore, I would like to thank every single dedicated individual for their contribution, also in the name of every Herforst resident.


Two fishing clubs apply themselves to environment protection and maintenance of pond areas.



Mayor Werner Pick