Mission Statement

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“The adult pays attention to achievements, the child to love” (from India)

Each child is created uniquely by God. Therefore each child is perceived and adopted wih all  of its strengths and weaknesses by the facility staff. In cooperation with parents, each child will be accompanied, educated and protected in both educational and social aspects on its journey through early childhood. As part of our mission statement and in terms of our priorities and intentions the following overarching quality objectives find special attention:



Respect for personal sovereignty
We recognize and accept that every child is unique. Our education is based on age and level of development, linguistic and other skills, life situation and the interests and needs of the individual child.

Education, training and care
The mission contract includes education, training and care of the child and refers to the social, emotional, physical and mental development of the child. The contract includes the mediation of orienting values and rules. This means in particular:

  • Building social relationships
  • Strengthening of self-consciousness
  • Supporting independency
  • Stimulation for self-development and self-education
  • Mediation of knowledge, social norms and values
  • Physical education, body and health
  • Nature and cultural environments
  • Emotional education
  • Music education
  • Social education
  • Security and well-Being
  • Communication with children of different origins (heritages) and ages
  • Safety
  • Regular schedule
  • Recurring rituals and routines
  • Focus on Christian principles

Involvement of families
As part of the educational partnership parents and teaches / educators work together for the well-being of the child, which constitutes a prerequisite for the development of the child. This means in particular:                                                                                                                                                                           zusammen-klein                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

  • The kindergarden sees itself as an addition and support to family structures
  • Constant communication is important for our educational work
  • Development discussions in certain intervals are very important (documentation)
  • We make our educational work transparent for parents

We include the parents with (i.e. to establish open hours, parents' committee, working outdoors, etc.)

Promoting participation in social life
The inclusion in the local community and church life is ensured. Thus, the children experience the ordinary church and community evens throughout the entire year.

Educational aspects
We formulate educational approaches and action plans based on the point of view and image of the child and decide which support is necessary, what outcome education can and will achieve and after all, which educational programs are important or the children. These aspects are successively coordinated and mandatory in our daycare center and  detained in a conception. Through regular training, our team is always up  to date with pedagogical insights.

Job satisfaction and teamwork
In our facility we hold regular team meetings. The basis for our team is built by the fact that all members work for a common cause and have common performance goals. We have a joint working approach. Everyone fels mutually responsible, how  to deal with each other. We consult with each other and make decisions together. Everyone has the same social position within the group.

Effective communication and cooperation within the public and institutions
We cater to the order of our community life, by getting involved in various programs, festivals and events. We publish articles about our activities in our daily newspaper, in the bulletin and on the internet. We are in regular contact with various institutions, i.e. Youth Welfare Office, Social Welfare Office, Counseling Services,  Speech Therapists, Pediatricians, Early Intervention Center, Specialized Education Centers and exchange information.

Environmental awareness
Environmental education sees itself as a holistic education that is designed to appeal to all the senses of the child. This means in particular:

  • Respect and preservation of God's creation
    Discovery, understanding an thus responsible action with and in the environment
  • Allowing experiences in nature (walks, forest exploring, outdoor games)
  • Design of the outside area at our kindergarden
  • Convey knowledge about relationships and background stories
  • Visits of workshops (baker, carpenter, sewage treatment plant, etc.)