The Basics

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Children ... understand, accompany, encourage and educate ...them



What you can trust us with:

We will not just show openness and respect to any child entrusted in our hands, we extend these qualities to each family and cooperate on a partnership level  with them.

Our kindergarden is a place for parents and children to connect and communicate. A place, where everyone feels comfortable and accepted. We focus both educational and organizational to the needs and situations of children and their families. As an important educational institution, we promote children holistically and let them experience companionship within the group. We take into account the level of development, the skills and interests of each individual child and strengthen its self-esteem.

We lay the foundations for the future
At the heart of our educational work is the child that we accept as an independent personality. Every person is valuable and unique to us.
Spiel kleinWe accompany, form, educate and support children holistically in their individual development and learning processes and provide supportive assistance to the development o their personality. The basis for our actions is the Christian idea of Man. In our daily interaction we maintain trusting relationships and create an area of comfort.                                                                                                 

Parents are partners in education
We see an important basis for the education of children in the cooperation with parents.

We relate with parents and  consider their opinion and views.
We regularly inform them of our educational content and make our work transparent. 




We work together as team

Basis for good teamwork is mutual respect and openness. Each educational specialist brings their personal abilities and skills into the daily work environment. 

We reflect critically and responsibly on our practices and are open to new educational ways.

The local community supports our work

The cooperation between the nursery staff and the local community of Herforst as the authorized carrier is characterized by a mutually open, trusting and appreciative attitude. We hold regular exchanges through information and discussions. By everyday presence in public, we are perceived as part of the community. For the well-being of the child and to support families, we work together with primary school, counseling centers and interests of the child and support the families we work with.