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Our Facility

Our Daycare Center (Kindergarten), a 3-group facility, is operated by local authorities and was opened

in 1994. 
We are located in a former Herforst community school building. Herforst's population counts

more than 1200 




Presently the Daycare Center offers the following spaces:


Total number of spaces:  58

Part-time spaces:               34

Full-time spaces:                24

Age 3-6:                             42 spaces

Age 2 and up:                      8 spaces

Age 1-2:                               8 spaces The


58 spaces are organized in 2 open groups (Bunny- and Micegroup) and one nursery group (Dwarfgroup). The 2 open groups allow 25 children each, with a limit of 4 children age 2. The nursery offers space for 8 children age 1-3.


The daycare center use is free of charge for children age 2 and up. Parents' fees for children younger than 2 years depend on their income and is determined by Youth Welfare Authorities. 1 year old children on a part-time space may use the facility for a maximum of 25 hours per week.


The building:

Our entrance area, designed like a farm, invites children to play. The rooms for the Bunny- and Micegroups are located on the ground floor, so is a bathroom and the kitchen. There is a gym on the first floor, another bathroom, a pre-school room with library, a  bedroom, office and staff room.

A lower level with annex and separate entrance hosts our Dwarfgroup. There is a playground with a variety of game devices in our large exterior area and a yard for biking and ball games.



Full-time children are served a freshly cooked, varied and well balanced lunch.

Parents' contributions for lunch are:

1-2 days:  19 EURO                                                            3-5 days:  38 EURO.

Full-time spaces are allowed for children whose parents are working, in education or training, or for educational reasons.


Hours of Operation:

Part-time children: Monday-Friday 7:15 hrs am - 12.30 hrs pm and 14.00 hrs pm-16.45 hrs pm

Full-time children: Monday-Friday 7:15 hrs am - 16.45 hrs pm

Important: All children should be present by 8.30 hrs am to allow participation in our morning circle and on-going activities from beginning.


Times of vacation and days of closure will be announced at the beginning of the daycare center year (September/October), alterations and up-dates will be issued in writing and in a timely manner. 


Information of recurring times of vacation or days of closure:

  • -Rosemonday and Carnival Tuesday 
  • -Maundy Thursday, from 14.00 hrs pm
  • -Easter Holidays: Tuesday following Easter until and including Friday 
  • -3rd week of Summer Holidays on Thursday and Friday 
  • -Summer Holidays: Last 3 weeks of School Summer Holidays
  • -Christmas Holidays: Days between Christmas and New Year's Eve, eventually 1-2 workdays prior to these 


The following Kindergarten Teachers accompany the children during their time in our Daycare Center:

Bunnygroup: Karin Diederichs (Center Manager and Groupleader)

                       Oksana Anthony

                       Elke Niersbach

Micegroup:    Ellen Lehnertz (Deputy Center Manager and Groupleader)

                       Daniela Becker 

                       Lutz Weiler

Dwarfgroup:  Katja Becker (Groupleader)

                       Marion Hardig

                       Sabrina Krein

Substitute:    Gertrud Illigen

Housekeeper: Petra Heinz


Parents' Council:

The following Parents' Council was elected by the Parents' Assembly on October 25, 2018:

Bunnygroup: Gerd Waehnert and Christin Schwaller

Micegroup:    Alla Strauch and Selina Clemens

Dwarfgroup: Anna Jungels

Chairman: Gerd Waehnert

Substitute: Christin Schwaller


Recurring Activities:

  • Visit Harzer Puppet Theatre at Daycare Center 
  • Carnival Celebrations on Ladies' Thurday
  • Easter Celebrations on Maundy Thursday 
  • Handicrafting of schoolbags
  • Overnight-Stay for preschool children and Farewell Party
  • Summer-/Family Celebrations in alterations 
  • Saint-Martin's Parade with handicrafted lanterns
  • Visit Saint-Nikolaus at Daycare Center 
  • Christmas Celebrations in groups
  • Dentist's visit at Daycare Center 
  • Reading hour with parents
  • Support of Parish Seniors' Days 
  • Parents' Meetings with varying topics