Youth Work in Herforst

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  • Accompaniment of young people in childhood and adolescence

  • Offers and support for identity building and strengthening in the group

  • Conveying values towards open, tolerant, self-confident people

  • Promote social involvement (in the community), perceive the disadvantaged

Youth work in the Herforst community
is currently provided to a large extend by the clubs and associations. These offer a great program within many areas. Whether sports, music, culture, socializing, or the possibility to meet friends and to exchange views on important things for youngsters. There is something for everyone.

Also, within our church and religious life, there are praiseworthy initiatives, such as  the altar boy work. We must and want to find ways beyond and outside of club and association structures, to improve our offers in our daily work thee the young people.

Imag0145As a first step, the youth room has been remodeled to an „Open Youth Meeting Center“ (no sign-up required). All necessary work in this process was done by volunteers. It is very important that our teenagers get involved in this project and provide their own ideas and proposals. 

It is our hope that our young people identify with their new meeting place. In the future it is our goal that the teenagers operate this part of the Herforst homepage themselves.