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Service with great diversity

Our community enjoys a rich cultural diversity expressed through many programs and groups. Groups with focus on music, drama, folk dance, sports, volunteer firefighters, youth and senior citizens, education, and the development of the local history, voluntary work in the community and parish committees. These programs and groups create a special closeness to our hometown, but also promote the community spirit.

Culture also needs space to form a colorful community life and to create a civic sense of common identity.




Our community center (Gemeindehaus / Bürgerhaus) hereby became an important communication center for all citizens.

End of 2000, the previously used premises of the former adult education center were expanded functionally and extended by a new building hall. 78 volunteers supported this project with their exemplary commitment during the 56-week-long construction phase.


With this said, our former adult education center became our new Gemeindehaus / Bürgerhaus, an architecturally attractive center of lived village culture.


With its versatile premises, the community center offers ideal conditions and framework for a large variety of occasions, within a manageable and pleasant environment. These premises are also gladly rented for family celebrations. The fact that hosts can self-manage their gatherings makes these premises especially interesting. Other events are feasible such as sports, gymnastics, game circles (board games), meetings, company presentations, cultural events and much more. The local wind band / music club has its own premises on the second floor of the building. The youth room in the basement of the community center has been recently remodeled and is available for use.


A quick tour through the community center: At the ground floor is the hall, the foyer, bar with a beer pump and cooling devices, a wardrobe, toilets for women, men and the disabled, a large kitchen, a broom and storage closet, and a storage room for tables and chairs.


The inventory includes tables, chairs, cutlery, china, commercial dishwasher, electric oven, commercial coffee brewing station for up to 120 cups, coffee maker, kettle, electric knife, thermos bottles, large refrigerator, etc.



The hall (main room) of the community center is equipped with a sound system and provides space for about 290 people in a row seating. If table rows are desired, the number of persons is limited to approximately 220.

In the foyer is space for approximately 50-60 people with table seating.

The cost is set by a scale of fees and depends on which room is rented. Sufficient parking and use of the kindergarden playground are included in the offer. Rental is offered through the local community on the basis of the
terms and use policy.



If interested, please contact for booking as early as possible:

by email or phone 06562-1644

Reservations will be made in order of registration. The hall (main room) is temporarily occupied on fixed dates for events and sports competitions. You can view the occupancy schedule here (later!).

The community center can be utilized by all citizens of our local community, the numerous local clubs, but also by interested guests from near and far.

Our community center is located next to the Kindergarten on Römerstr. 37, 54662 Herforst.