Social Services

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A strong network of social services helps the needy and people seeking advice. Counseling centers for all ages and problem situations provide assistance and support.

Each of us may have an emergency or ends up in distress at some point in life. Maybe you no longer know what to do or become ill and need outside help. In these and many other situations you can refer to organizations, institutions and counseling services compiled in this list for assistance. Don't shy away from contacting these services, they are there for you.


Social institutions and organizations


Alten- und Pflegeheim (Senior Citizen and Nursing Home) Marienhof
Weinstr. 11, 54662 Speicher, Phone 06562-97400


Anlaufstelle für Senioren für die VG Speicher (Service Center for senior citizens within the municipality of Speicher)
Office hours Monday, Thursday, Friday morning and appointment in the Speicher Nursing Home Marienhof .
Contact: Ursula Berrens, Tel. 06562/97400

Contact for the Herforst Community: Werner Pick, Tannenstr. 20, 54662 Herforst, Phone 06562-1644


Security and Safety Advisor for seniors in the municipality Speicher
Robert Reuter, Orenhofen, Phone 06580-573, Ludwig Rose, Speicher, Phone 06562-8442


Pflegestützpunkt Speicher (Senior Care): 

Mr. Pick: 06562-964850
Ms. Glücks:  06562-964850
Mr. Katzenbächer: 06562 -964851
Fax  06562 -964852

Deutsches Rotes Kreuz (DRK) - German Red Cross
Kreisverband Bitburg-Prüm (District Branch Bitburg-Prüm), Rote-Kreuz-Str. 1-3, 54634 Bitburg; Phone 06561-6020-0, Fax: 06561-6020-19

Social Services, Housekeeping Services, Emergency Services, Food-Delivery-Services, Senior and Nursery Care Services, Loan closet for Clothes, Ambulant Care Services, Emergency Ambulance Services


Kreisverwaltung Bitburg Prüm - District Administration Bitburg-Prüm
Trierer Str. 1, 54634 Bitburg, Phone 06561-15-0:
Social Assistance
Youth Welfare Office, Family aid and advocacy services,
Health Service
Guardian-ships (Authorities), Financial Aid


Lebensberatung (Counseling Services) Bitburg

Education, marriage, family and life counseling center of the diocese of Trier, Josef-Niederprüm-Straße 14, 54634 Bitburg, Phone 06561-8987, Fax. 06561-940739.


Kinderschutzdienst (Child Protection Service) Westeifel
Brodenheckstr. 1, 54634 Bitburg, Phone 0800-9410 400 or 06561- 96710, Fax 06561-9671-35  Free and anonymous counseling services.

Interessengemeinschaft für Kinderschutz im Landkreis Bitburg-Prüm e.V. - Syndicate for child protection in the district Bitburg-Prüm Assoc.
Hauptstr.38, 54634 Bitburg, Phone 06561-8388, Fax. 06561-941041


Kinder- und Jugendtelefon (Child and Youth Phone Counseling Services)
Free of charge, Monday to Friday from 3 - 7 pm, Phone Number 0800-1110 333


Telefonseelsorge Trier (Spiritual Guidance by Phone) (24 hours - free of charge – confidential) 
Phone 0800-1110 111 or 0800-1110 222


Anonyme Alkoholiker (Alcoholics Anonymous)
Self-help-support group for alcoholics (meetings every Tuesday 7:30 pm)
Contact phone 06561-604155


Emotions Anonymous
Self-help-support group for people in life crises, with anxiety, depression and addictive behavior (meetings every Monday, 7 pm)
Contact phone 06558-868, Bitburg Hospital


AlDS-Hilfe Trier e.V. (Support Services for people with AIDS)
Anonymous telephone advice: 0651-19411, Address: AIDS-Hilfe Trier, Saarstr. 55, 54290 Trier


Krebsgesellschaft Rheinland-Pfalz e. V. (Cancer Society Rhineland-Palatinate Assoc.)
Brotstr.53, 54290 Trier, Phone 0651-40551 (Information Center)



Integrationsfachdienst (IFD) (Integration Advisers)

Phone 0651-146500, Phone 06561-604738,

Ambulante Rehabilitation Eifel (Ambulant Rehabilitation Eifel)
Gartenstr. 13 a, 54550 Daun, Phone 06592- 9570842


Caritasverband Westeifel e.V. (Caritas Branch Westeifel e.V.)
Marriage, family, and life counseling, general social services and family support
Brodenheckstr. 1, 54634 Bitburg, Phone 06561-96710


Ehrenamtliche Hospizgruppe Bitburg-Prüm (Volunteer Hospice Group Bitburg-Prüm)
Brodenheckstr. 1, 54634 Bitburg, Phone 06561 - 9671-45


Frauenhaus Trier (Womens' Shelter Trier)
Phone 0651-74444


Kinderfrühförderung und Elternberatung Bitburg (Children Early Intervention and Parental Counseling Bitburg)
Brodenheckstr. 38, 54634 Bitburg, Phone 06561-94511-0


Sozialdienst Katholischer Männer und Frauen (SKFM) (Social Service of Catholic men and women)
Prälat-Benz-Str.35, 54634 Bitburg, Phone 06561-945100