Businesses And Professions

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Businesses and professions enrich our Village


The Herforst industrial park is located in the intersection area of the roads L39 and L46, directly at the traffic lights.

The businesses provide approximately 75 jobs in the following craftsmen ships: metal / steel / hall-construction and ironwork, Autohaus (Car  shop), interior fitting and carpentry, Malerfachbetrieb (Painter and Decorator).

Additionally, there are more than 20 self-employed and other utility services in the village, partially offering additional employment opportunities.

In October 2009, Sybac Solar GmbH ground-mounted a photovoltaic system with a maximum output of 1.5 megawatts, along the road L39, on an area of 3.3 ha. In the same year, the power plant, costing a total of 4.5 million euros, went on the grid.


Local businesses and professions

(Listing here is only available for local (Herforst) businesses and is free of charge. If you are interested in listing your business here or for change requests of existing entries, please send an email at webmaster(at)herforst.del)


Antiquitätenhandel (Antiques)
Angel Antiques


Raul Solfa, Beilinger Str.1, Phone 06562 9745511
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Auto (Car repairs and fuel station)
Kfz-Reparaturen Dieter Antony, Lindenstr. 30, Phone 06562-930304

Tankstelle Ewald Antony, Lindenstr. 30, Phone 06562- 930303


Autolackiererei (Car Painting)


Color Repair Barwinski, Beilinger Str.1. Phone 06562 9659336
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Bäckerei (Bakery)

Schumacher, Markus, Bäckerei, Römerstr. 11. Phone 06562-931486


Bank (Financial Institution)

Raiffeisenbank östl. Südeifel, Lindenstr. 11. Phone 06562-2225


Bauen und Planen (Construction and Planning)

Rohler-Traditionshaus Gesellschaft für schlüsselfertige traditionelle Baumaßnahmen,
Wenzelhausener Weg 20, Tel. 06562-1566 


Robert Rohler


Biologische Energieerzeugung (Biological Energy Production)

Bio Energie Herforst GmbH & Co. KG
Geschäftsführer: Helmut Schumacher, Katzstr. 29A, Tel.: 06562-930110




Team SIX Professional Consulting
Geschäftsführer: Max Leschonsky, Katzstr.7, 
                 Tel. 0160-97712225
                 E-Mail: info(at)


EDV-Service & Energieerzeugung

Adelgund Schumacher, Katzstr. 29A, Phone 06562-930110


Fitness Center


Effectiv Trainingscenter
Beilinger Str. 14
Tel.:  06562 6291030
Fax: 06562 6291031
e-mail: herforst(at)  


Frisör (Hairdresser)


Krämer, Stefan, Frisörsalon, Wenzelhausener Weg 6a. Phone 06562-1815


Fliesen (Tiling)

Niesen, Elmar, Fliesenfachgeschäft, Margaritenstr. 13. Phone 06562-1227


Gaststätten/Restaurant (Pubs/Restaurants)


King’s-Diner, Mehmet Tutus, Lindenstr.20. Phone 06562-9318433


Gasthaus Ewald Antony, Lindenstr. 30. Phone 06562-930303



Gasthaus Märchengrotte,Petra Geiser, Poststr. 11. Phone 06562-931163


Goldschmiedin (Goldsmith and Jewellery Shop)

Nadine Cieri, Nadine Cieri, Ringstrasse 4. Phone 06562-965459


Heizöl/Brennstoffe (Heating Oil/Petroleum/Fuel Supply)

Conrad Brennstoffe, St. Eligius Str. 2. Phone 06562-8108


Hundesalon "Bellness und Haarmony" (Pet Grooming Services)


Sabine Bares, Poststr.22. Phone 06562 3858


Internet agency

Xbyte Mayen&Mayen Gbr., Johannisstr.16, Tel. 06562-9746535
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Innenausbau- u. Tischlerei (Interial Fittings and Furniture Carpentry)

Hecker, Ralf Tischlerei/Innenausbau, Beilinger Str. 8. Phone 06562-932240


Landschaftsbau u. Gartengestaltung (Landscaping and Garden Design)

Brösch, Günter u. Nicole, Gartengestaltung, Margaritenstr. 5. Phone 06562-974519


Landwirtschaftlicher Betrieb (Farmer)

Helmut Schumacher, Katzstr. 29A, Tel.: 06562-930110


Malerfachbetrieb (Painter)

Dau, Stefan, Maler u- Lackiermeister, Beilinger Str. 3. Phone 06562-3523




fb iconPrayong Thai-Massage, Ringstr.58, Phone 0152-53908754



Metall-/Stahl-/Hallenbau u. Kunstschmiede (Metall/Steel/Hall-Contruction and Ironworks)

Hansen & Wallenborn GmbH, Metallbau u. Kunstschmiede, Beilinger Str. 1. Phone 06562-2036


Seitz Stahlbau, Beilinger Str. 9. Phone 06562-96880


Partyservice (Catering Service)

Neises, Raimund, Birkenstr. 26. Phone 06562-931681


Photovoltaik (Photovoltaics-Solar Energy)

Freiflächenanlage SYBAC Gewerbegebiet 2


Post (German Mail)
nur noch ein Briefkasten in der Sankt-Eligius-Straße

only a mailbox in Sankt-Eligius-Street


Sanitär- u. Heizungsbau (Plumbing and Heating Systems)

Pitsch, Marco  Heizungsbau, Tannenstr. 9. Phone 06562-8198


Schriftsteller (Writer)


Nieder, Rosi, Grünstr.16


Verglasungen u. Türen, Fenster (Glazing and Doors, Windows)

Urfels, Olaf, Verglasungen, Katzstr. 12. Phone 06562-3732


Versicherungen (Insurances)

Mangerich, Frank, Versicherungen, Waldstr. 1B. Phone 06562-3061


Wellness "Bowtech"

Ingrid Antony, Erlenweg 6. Phone 06562-2335