Children are an inspiring example during this year’s community spring cleaning

17. 03. 28
posted by: Pick Werner
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Teilnehmer Aktion Saubere LandschaftEvery year in spring it is time for the community spring cleaning. Waste alongside forest paths, common grass areas and in ditches has to be picked up. This year’s spring cleaning was again supported by many “small” volunteers, especially the youth team of our sports club, and even young sportsmen and women of neighboring communities. Environmental awareness and an active sense of responsibility are values, which are very important to us and we are happy to pass those on to our children. We were able to prove with Saturday’s event that even waste collection can be fun. After the group was divided into smaller teams and each team was assigned to an area, the collection began. Many items like bottles, paper cups, packaging material and even car parts were collected. Particularly the ditches alongside the road were full of waste – a clear sign of our throw-away society – “I don’t care, others can clean up the mess”. Many Herforst residents, who illegally dispose of garden clippings along forest paths and hedges, could contribute to the improvement of our village’s landscape by doing the right thing and dispose of their garden waste at the appropriate place in Speicher. Another nuisance is the illegal disposal of residual waste and defective electronic devices (recently we found an electric lawn mower and lawn dethatcher), despite the many legal places to dispose of, the location of our clothes collection bin and glass containers. It would be nice, if corresponding observations would be reported to the community.

Thank you to the many volunteers, which supported the event and the Herforst community.

Werner Pick, Mayor