Anniversary celebrations "750 years Herforst"


Wappen 2016

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"750 Jahre Herforst"

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Aufkleber 750 Jahre Herforst 2016


What a great party!

After a preparation time of about 9 months, our community celebrated the anniversary of the 750-year-old village from 16 to 18 September, 2011.

The festival committee would like to take this opportunity to thank all visitors for their interest, the numerous volunteers for their hard work and the sponsors for their support. Only the collaboration of many helpers and sponsors has made this festival possible and brought us an unexpected experience.


The harmonic and goal-oriented cooperation in the festival committee has undoubtedly contributed to this great outcome.

All three festival days were very special days, every one for itself a lasting memory.

Our mayor Werner Pick has described these impressions quite excellent in his letter in the official bulletin of week 40/2011. The members of the festival committee support his words and want to express their appreciation with a "Thank you" as well.

The festival committee

Here you can read our mayors words again:

Festzug-im-Abendrot„We have experienced an almost unbelievable time at the festival weekend from 16 to 18 September. Herforst residents participated like never before and therefore contributed to the great success of the 750th Birthday celebrations of our community. The festival days were great days, characterized by companionship, common experiences and emotions, which we will surely remember for a long, long time. The project group, organizing the festivities expected some developments, but others they only hoped for, But, what actually happened in the end exceeded all expectations. The historic street festival with more than 70 activities and visiting points was the crowning part of the anniversary celebrations. Accordingly, was the response from both, the fellow Herforsters as well as the many guests from near and far.                                          

Our District Administrator, Landrat Dr. Joachim Streit, our guest for 2 days during the festivities,
thanked us with the following letter:Landrat

With enthusiasm I experienced and perceived he 750-year anniversary of Herforst.„Herforst has culture!“ - That, you proved to me, together with the entire village community. With respect and appreciation I would like to  thank you for the services that Herforst has provided on these three days in September 2011.“

As a sign of his gratitude, Landrat Dr. Streit included a Check of the Kreissparkasse (KSK) Bitburg-Prüm over 750,-€ for the advancement of the youth work in his letter.

 Mayor Rudolf Becker writes:

„These were great days, a weekend, where Herforst presented itself in an excellent manner. Starting with the festival church service, followed by the ceremony in the town hall, the historic festival street and the many performances in the streets, everything was made of the same excellency“.

Yes, the many performances in the streets made the street so alive and fascinating. One was able to experience up close, how grain was threshed in earlier days, how the wood was processed in his many forms, how red-hot iron was slammed, how the wooden wheels for the fire-wagon were made or how the yarn was processed by a tailor or the clappers. And, all the detailed things, like an original wedding reception, an inspiring group of students and the catching home-like feeling of an old farmhouse of 1802.
Additionally, a premium cultural program of the theater group, organ concerts, readings, children's games reaching to music and dialect songs. Presenting each and everyLehrerin Frl. Spang activity here would be excessive, but everyone in itself was unique and admirable.

Without the extraordinary collaboration of hundreds of participants, and without the willingness and solidarity of many participants of the neighboring communities, such an extraordinary variety of programs and such a special celebration wouldn't have been possible. But, don't let us forget the many hard-working hands of many helpers, which supported the event with the suitable atmosphere and catering service. Without them, nothing would have been possible during preparations and work in the aftermath of the celebrations.

Included are security personnel provided by the volunteer firefighters Beilingen, as well as the Red-Cross-Team Speicher for their good neighborly support. Thanks also to all who have helped setting up and transporting the many machines and equipment (like the small threshing machine from Staudenhof) and the many, who made sure that the machines were in working condition. Without the support of the many "silent  helpers", like the provision trucks through Lothar Meiers, and without the many good contacts of active lenders and donators, many things, would have just not been possible.

That the festivities week turned out to be such a great success and that it brought so many unforgettable experiences, is certainly also a special merit of the rather small team of the festival committee, who devoted itself to many months of preparation and executed everything with optimism, joy and a great personal zeal, the sponsors, who made many things possible with money and other donations, the residents, who supported the event through provision of land, electricity, barns, yes, home areas, many old equipment and valuables from houses and farms or homemade cake or, created a festive atmosphere, by decorating their land for guests and spread good merits, and so on.......................
Should I have missed someone on this list, please don't be upset. My gratitude extends to everyone contributing in any way to this thoroughly enjoyable festival.

Herforst has experienced a festival weekend, which is difficult to describe in words. Anyone, who was there knows, how this is meantKind-mit-Hut On our  website, you can view more than 600 pictures taken on this weekend, by the way. Thank you to all of you, who made those available.

Werner Pick, Mayor