Feeding Fish and Turtles in our Village Pond

posted by: Heinemann Sigrid
Created: 27 April 2020
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P1000692People mean well by feeding the animals of the village pond with bread and  it might be a nice activity for children.


But for the fish and turtles as well as the water it is a catastrophe! 


Throwing bread  into the water harms the pond's and animals' ecology. Growth of algae is promoted resulting in shortage of oxygen, which is already lacking in still waters during the summer months. This will cause the pond to tilt, i. e. fish, amphibians, micro-organisms or even plants die and form a life-threatening layer of digested sludge. Leftover bread rots in the water. On the one hand it leads to a pollution of the water, on the other hand the settled moulds are a health hazard for the animals and promotes rats. 


Fish start feeling comfortable: instead of seeking for varied food in the pond, they adjust to breadfeeding as a primary source. This means - similar for humans - a diet that is too one-sided, leading to deficiency symptoms, disease and in many cases death. 


Therefore our village pond is not a disposal facility for old bread.