Drones over Herforst

posted by: Heinemann Sigrid
Created: 06 January 2020
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During the past few days more and more drones have been sighted above the village of Herforst. This was the case both, during the day and at night. The flying of drones over a residential area is subject to specific legal requirements. A ban applies if the drone exceeds a weight of 250 grams and has a camera or thermal imaging camera or is capable of recording or transmitting acoustic signals. In addition, the owners or tenants of the affected properties must agree to the drone flying over them. In general, you may only fly your drone within visual range. Flying over sensitive areas is completely prohibited. This also includes, for example, nature reserves and control zones of airfields! I ask the local drone owners to observe pertinent rules to avoid penalty. 

Sigrid Heinemann, Mayor