Green Waste Collection Depot in Herforst

posted by: Heinemann Sigrid
Created: 27 August 2019
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Grüngut Map

As of now deposit and recycling of garden clippings is possible nearby. Mr. Helmut Schumacher, Herforst, operates the depot.

To get there, please follow L46 Spangdahlem direction Trier passing the traffic lights. Drive for 700 meters, turn right on the farm road and again sharp right. The depot is on your left 160 meters down that road.


Or, driving on Römerstraße past  the Roman Wall Reconstruction, cross L46, turn right and follow the farm road for 160 meters. The depot is on your left.


GrüngutannahmeThe following green waste is allowed for deposit: Clippings of lawn and shrub, decorative plants, branches of trees.

Also, kitchen waste will be collected in a separate bin to include vegetables, fruit, meat and fish leftovers, coffee and tea bags, peelings of fruit, nut- and eggshells may be delivered all day. 


Items such as plastic, rubber, stone, planting pots, christmas decoration and similar are not considered green waste.

Deposit or burning of green waste in public or private areas is illegal by law and may be fined. Please make use of this free service to deposit green waste to the benefit of our environment.


The Herforst Community appreciates Mr. Schumacher's engagement in establishing the depot, an enrichment for our village and a great idea!


Sigrid Heinemann