Reference to all Dog Owners

posted by: Heinemann Sigrid
Created: 27 August 2019
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Complaints about dog excrements on public streets and places as well as unattended dogs within our village frequently are brought to my attention.

Angry residents and pedestrians repeatedly asked me to once more bring the following rules to your attention:



Dog excrements on sidewalks, biking and walking trails, playgrounds, greens and front yards of housing are not just disgusting but are also dangerous to our health.

Dog owners can avoid such adverse conditions by showing responsibility. The dog is not the problem, it's on the other end of the leash ...

Negatively affected are pedestrians stepping on excrements or kids at playgrounds and greens who get in contact.

This frequently happens at the village pond green and surrounding properties.

Complaints also reach me from farmers reporting dog excrements on farm  properties where nutrition for cattle and humans is produced resulting in contamination of food.



* do not leave your dog unattended,

* avoid playgrounds where dogs are not allowed generally,

* be aware of your dog's behavior and remove all excrements, it's mandatory!

It's not the community's or residents' matter to clean up behind your dog.

Also it is misbelieve that payment of dog owner tax relieves you of responsibility.

Dog owners' tax is a community tax allowing possession of dogs. Like any other type of tax it's a public levy without subsequent service (e.g. cleaning of streets of dog excrements).

In case of non-compliance to these simple rules you may be fined. Attentive residents will keep an eye on frequently visited areas and report non-compliance to the rules.  How awkward if getting caught ...

Along frequently used roads doggy bag containers have been installed. Please make use of this free of charge service provided by the community.


An appeal to our common sense of responsibility for our fellow men und pets:

Dog owners appreciate the nearby nature to spend time with their pets. Please make sure not to impact those seeking relaxation, disturb or even hunt wildlife by not controlling your dog.

Considerateness and tolerance on both sides quickly reach a critical limit and the dog should not be blamed. Please stay considerate and leash your dog when approaching others.


Sigrid Heinemann

mayor and Dog owner