Herforst playgrounds in good shape again!

posted by: Heinemann Sigrid
Created: 20 August 2019
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Spielplatzerneuerung 2019 1

During the preceding weeks playgrounds at Kindergarten and in Grünstraße/Buchenweg have been whipped into shape. 

Thanks to the courageous support of some parents and community council members of both political groups, including some spouses, the playgrounds are in good shape again. Fillup of fall protection, repair of game devices, grounds maintenance and mowing, reinstallation of sun protection, all done. Spielplatzrenov2019 3

Inside the Kindergarten building some repair and improvement work was necessary. Thanks to all helpers for any kind of support.


Thanks to our sponsor for free delivery of woodchips. It was a pleasure to have all kinds of support, it really was fun working with you all. 

Spielplatzrenov2019 2Sigrid Heinemann