Thanks to resigned Head of Herforst Firebrigade Wolfgang Ewertz

Created: 15 April 2019
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Wolfgang Ewertz resigned from his duty as Head of the Voluntary Firebrigade effective end of March 2019 for health reasons.

In January 2015 he had taken over this very responsible duty temporarily and then permanently in June 2016 replacing Reinhold Antony, 

being very engaged and with expertise. During his active period a new fire vehicle was purchased, the station's yard was renovated and a new garage was built. Regular training was important to him. He recently supported the "Helpers' Day" presenting Firedepartments and Aid Organizations.



Firebrigades' duties have increased from mere firefighting to support in case of  public or nature emergencies, accidents and technical assistance of any kind. Additional helpers are urgently required to support this wide range of responsibilities. 

Beyond their official duties the Firedepartment also supports our community whenever needed. Mayor Werner Pick expressed his appreciation to all firefighters during their annual assembly on March 30. 



Wolfgang Ewertz will continue as competent and experienced volunteer firefighter looking back at 45 years of duty, thus remaining at important part of our community. In appreciation of his engagement mayor Werner Pick handed over a present.

Werner Pick also expressed his congratulations to the newly elected Head of the Herforst Firebrigade, Dieter Antony, a well-versed and experienced firefighter who will provide continuity.