Our Homepage renewed

Created: 04 April 2019
Hits: 421

The Herforst website is online for more than 9 years and turned into a frequently used source of information with 196 115 hits as of March 31. Webmaster Karl-Heinz Gillessen updated the site to include the following new functions:

. New mainmenu implemented horizontal in upper segment to improve website design.

. A new subgroup "Naturally Herforst" was added to Clubs and Groups.

. A polling module was added and is currently in use by the new "Naturally Herforst" Group to get votes for a possible event. Please participate regularly and earnestly since this module allows active participation in our community life.

. Implementation of an event calendar has been a long-cherished wish and was installed showing the next 5 events. Past events will automatically be removed the following day and the next event will show.

. The appraisal function for posts was removed due to lack of use in the past.

Thanks to our webmaster for his support.