Attention Kindergarten - please drive very carefully and slowly!!

Created: 05 February 2019
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Zone 30

Despite the 30-Km-Zone in Römerstraße driving near our daycare center often is too fast. The parents' council reported this in writing.


The council recognizes the efforts initiated by local administration (30-Km-Zone, streetmarks, traffic signs and speedmeasurig) to eliminate danger. The parents' council considers these to be insufficient and urgently suggests installation of an illuminated pedestrian crossing allowing safe crossing. Chances to install a pedestrian crossing in accordance with traffic regulations are minimal.  Construction of a separate kindergarten access from the Schulstraße parkinglot is an alternative to avoid parents' parking on Römerstraße.

Together with the council additional safety measures will be discussed. Best practice, however, will be slow and careful driving as already mandatory.

Werner Pick, Mayor