"Everything has its time ..."

Created: 05 February 2019
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Pick Werner

... time as mayor for the Herforst Community as well. After 40 years of engagement in community work to include 25 years as mayor, time for change has come. During its meeting last wednesday I officially informed the Community Council of my decision not to run for mayor during the 2019 election on May 26.


As mayor I always was aware of my special responsibility, working highly motivated and intensively and with strong personal identification. This is and always has been my demand to a mayor's job for more than 25 years to include 18 years of employment with impact on family life. Now it is time to leave, allowing the next generation to take over responsibility for community work.



"Closing one door, opens one for others". Whose door this will be is up to your vote during the next community elections.

I will carry on as mayor, as usual, to the date the new administration will take office.


Werner Pick, Mayor