Warm invitation to the Heritage and Culture Club’s 20th Anniversary Festivities

18. 05. 15
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20 Jahre HUK

Our Program


Saturday, June 2, 2018

05.30 pm Church Service at the Herforst Catholic Church by Msgr. Prof. Dr. Andreas Heinz in memory of the deceased club members.


08.00 pm  Opening Ceremony 20th Club Anniversary at the Herforst Village Hall in cooperation with the Church Choir and the Music Club.

All Herforst residents and surrounding communities are invited.



Sunday, June 3, 2018

11.00 am Selling of  pre-lunch-drinks starts

11.30 am Lunch
Roasted Porkmeatroll with Potatoe Gratin and Coliflower or
Slices of Beef, Potatoes and Remouladensauce (a tasty sauce of mayo, eggs and herbs)

Pre-sale of  coupons by the club leaders for 7,50 EUR each.

01.00 pm Sale of Coffee and Cake at the Village Hall starts

02.00 pm  Presentation by the Beilingen/Herforst Youth Orchestra

                 Presentation Schola


Our Activities: Aerial balloons competition for kids, Bouncing Castle and „Hau den Lukas“ for kids, bow shooting, baking waffles over fire, exhibition of Roman artifacts and coins, photo documentation of the club’s history, sale of Herforst Chronic, booklets, T-shirts and more.